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February 26th, 2010

Headline Act – BOB MILLS

Bob Mills burst on to the London Comedy scene in 1985, turning the faltering "Alternative" establishment on it's head with his unique, challenging brand of laddish irreverent stand-up. Over the next ten years he established himself as one of the most successful live acts in the country, also racking up an enviable string of TV and radio credits. Now approaching his silver jubilee as a stand-up comic, Bob is one of the most recognisable and respected comedians in the business. His voice is pretty famous too, not a weekend goes past without Bob’s distinctive cockney accent echoing over the airwaves. His performance as host of ITV's flagship daytime game show 'Win Lose Or Draw' (treading the fine line between pensioners’ favourite, and students’ cult hero) and his weird and wonderful late night 'In Bed With MeDinner', are still remembered fondly today. In 1995 he starred in what he regards as his finest work, Channel 4's 'The Show'. These eight one hour programmes featuring fly-on-the-wall film of the making of a real chat show, are widely regarded as the template for much of the reality TV that continues to dominate the schedules today. On radio Bob has presented his own shows on BBC London and he still regularly covers for Danny Baker. He's also a popular guest on 'Fighting Talk' (BBC Radio 5) & Loose Ends (BBC Radio 4).


Janice Phayre dominates the room through sheer force of personality, bursting onto the stage with an explosion of nervous energy. With energised, impish charm, she passionately describes, and mimes the reactions that news receives shrieking, like her compatriot Graham Norton, with mock-outrage at her own boldness. On the basis of her excitable performance alone, she's simply a force to be reckoned with. She also loves talking dirty, apparently, which I suspect some of you may rather enjoy!


Finalist in 2009’s ‘So you think your funny?’ competition, 24 year old Mark Simmons has an engagingly upbeat delivery and some side-splitting material about shotguns, homophobia and nightclubs.


Described as ‘Delightfully Weird’ by TIME OUT magazine, relative newcomer Eric Lampaert has learned the ropes fast. MTV chose his distinctive features to front their irritatingly catchy ‘Up Your Viva’ ads, often prompting the inevitable repetition of said catchphrase by the audience the moment he steps on stage. Eric’s outwardly wacky persona may take a few minutes of getting-used-to but he is ultimately likeable and engaging, seemingly sweeping up the audience in the sheer energy of his performance. The strength of his scatty character rips through the room like a mini-hurricane, destroying complacency and raising the spirits. Voted English Comedian of the year 2009, he’s sure to be big in the future and not to be missed.
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